Blu-ray, DVD Release: That’s My Boy

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Oct. 16, 2012
Price: DVD $30.99, Blu-ray $35.99
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

That's My BoyAfter the miss that was Jack and Jill, Adam Sandler joined with another comedian, Andy Samberg (What’s Your Number?), for That’s My Boy. But it didn’t help at the box office.

In the comedy movie, Sandler stars as Samberg’s down-and-out father. See, Sandler fathered Samberg when he was a teenager and had an affair with his teacher. After she went to jail, Sandler raised the boy until his 18th birthday, then disappeared. Years later, when now weathly Wall Street staffer Samberg is ready to get married to Jamie (Leighton Meester, Country Strong), alcoholic Sandler comes back. Let the hilarity ensue.

James Caan (Middle Men), Milo Ventimiglia (TV’s Heroes) and Vanilla Ice also star in the film.

After paying out $74 million for the horribly reviewed Jack and Jill, moviegoers were more gun shy about R-rated That’s My Boy, which grossed a measly $36.9 million. Only Sandler’s serious films, Reign Over Me and Punch-Drunk Love, grossed less.

That's My Boy Blu-ray boxBut That’s My Boy was reviewed better than Jack and Jill, although marginally. While Newsday critic Rafer Guzman called the film “mean-spirited from start to finish” and Richard Roeper said it was vulgar, tasteless and offensive, the movie scored 22% approval with critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes, which is better than Jack and Jill‘s 3%. Those Sandler fans who braved That’s My Boy in theaters gave it 61% approval.

The DVD includes these special features:

  • gag reel
  • five deleted scenes

The Blu-ray adds three featurettes:

  • “Who Are All These People?”
  • “Greetings From Cape Cod”
  • and “Classy Rick’s Bacon and Leggs”

Plus, the Blu-ray offers the film as a download or instant streaming through UltraViolet.

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