Blu-ray, DVD Release: Zorro (1975)

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Nov. 20, 2012
Price: DVD $19.98, Blu-ray $24.98
Studio: Somerville House/Entertainment One

Zorro movie scenee

Alain Delon swashbuckles across the screen in Zorro.

International superstar Alain Delon (Purple Noon) stars as the legendary black-clad masked outlaw hero who defends the weak and innocent against tyranny in the zesty 1975 action-adventure film Zorro.

Set in the late 1800s, Zorro finds nobleman Diego de la Vega (Delon) masquerading as the new governor of a territory in Latin America that’s ruled by the cruel Colonel Huerta (Stanley Baker) and his soldiers. Disturbed by the state of tyranny in his province, Diego secretly transforms into Zorro, joining forces with the monk Brother Francisco (Giampiero Albertini) and the beautiful aristocrat Hortensia (Ottavia Piccolo) in a fight against Huerta for all that is good for the oppressed people of the land.

Zorro is one of the more unique films in the renowned swordsman’s international canon. The only Zorro film to take place in South America rather the traditional California or Mexico locales with which Zorro is most closely associated, Zorro is directed by prolific Italian filmmaker Duccio Tessari, who is best known for his work on Sergio Leone’s classic A Fistful of Dollars and his own energetic action-adventure film Kiss Kiss…Bang Bang. To that end, the film is filled with cinematic elements—enigmatic heroes, nefarious villains, dusty landscapes, furious action and a quest for vengeance—that are usually associated with spaghetti westerns and continental adventure fare.

Somerville House is issuing the complete 120-minute English-language version of Zorro in a remastered, restored edition.  The film has previously been chopped up and released in various bastardized versions over the years.

There are no substantial bonus features on the discs.


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