Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD Release: Heat (1995)

Digital Release Date: May 9, 2017, Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: May 9, 2017
Studio: Fox

Al Pacino (Scarface) and Robert De Niro (The King of Comedy) drive the powerful and complex 1995 film Heat.

The epic Los Angeles crime drama was directed and co-written by Michael Mann (Collateral, Thief) who oversaw the new restoration of what Fox is billing as “Director’s Definitive Edition.”

In the wake of a precision heist of an armored van, the crew of a fierce, professional thief (De Niro) and an obsessively driven LAPD detective (Pacino) are locked in deadly opposition as they vector towards each other. As the stakes escalate and their lives begin to unravel, the crew initiates its most dangerous and complex heist.

Taking inspiration from the late Chicago police detective Charlie Adamson – who killed the actual Neil McCauley (De Niro’s character) in a shootout in 1963, Heat was the culmination of years of research by Mann resulting in its depth and range of characters and choreography of action.

The movie also features a strong supporting cast that includes Val Kilmer (Twixt), Tom Sizemore (Red Planet), Ashley Judd (Dolphin Tale), Amy Brenneman (Mother and Child), Diane Venora (All Good Things), Natalie Portman (Black Swan) and Jon Voight (Deliverance).

The Blu-ray includes the following features:

  • NEW Academy Panel reuniting Mann, Pacino and De Niro and moderated by Christopher Nolan
  • NEW Toronto International Film Festival Q&A with Mann
  • Commentary by Michael Mann
  • The Making of Heat
    • True Crime
    • Crime Stories
    • Into the Fire
  • Pacino and De Niro: The Conversation
  • Return to the Scene of the Crime
  • Additional Footage – Deleted Scenes
    • Scene 5 – Season’s starting early
    • Scene 42 – Nicest guy on the block
    • Scene 55 – Albert and Hanna (Alternate Take)
    • Scene 62 – Shakedown
    • Scene 76 – Murder in C-Block
    • Scene 96A – Let’s Dance
    • Scene 125 – Late arrival
    • Scene 148/147 – Where’s Anna?
    • Scene 177B – Double the worst trouble
    • Scene 191 – Nate delivers
    • Scene 204A – No response
  • Theatrical Trailers
    • Surprise of a Lifetime
    • Two Actors Collide
    • Closing In
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