Blu-ray Release: Get Shorty: Collector’s Edition

Blu-ray Release Date: Oct. 23, 2018
Price: Blu-ray $29.99
Studio: Shout! Factory

The crackling 1995 crime comedy Get Shorty, based on Elmore Leonard’s 1990 novel of the same name, returns this week as a Collector’s Edition Blu-ray edition.

The film focuses on East Coast loan shark Chili Palmer (John Travolta, Gotti), who’s ready to move on from his gangster profession.. So when “business” takes him to L.A. to collect a debt from down-and-out filmmaker Harry Zimm (Gene Hackman, The Conversation), Chili jumps headfirst into the Hollywood scene: He schmoozes a film star (Danny DeVito, Solitary Man), romances a B-movie actress (Rene Russo, Nightcrawler) and even gets reservations at the hottest restaurants in town. In fact, all would be cool for this smooth new producer if it weren’t for the drug smugglers and an angry mobster who won’t leave him alone. But hey, this is Hollywood and no one said it would be easy…

Directed by Barry Sonnenfeld (Men in Black series), the film also features Dennis Farina (Thief), Delroy Lindo (Malcolm X) and James Gandolfini (The Sopranos) in its ensemble cast.

Sporting a new 4K HD scan, Shout! Factory’s Get Shorty Blu-ray contains the following archival special features: 

  • Audio Commentary with Director Barry Sonnenfeld
  • Featurettes: “Get Shorty – Look at Me,” ” Get Shorty – Wise Guys + Dolls,” “Going Again”
  • Get Shorty Party Reel
  • Page to Screen of Get Shorty
  • Vignettes
  • The Graveyard Scene
  • Trailer
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