DVD, Digital Release: Joey & Ella

DVD, Digital Release Date: July 27, 2021
Price: DVD $9.99
Studio: Lionsgate

When a baby kangaroo gets accidentally swept up in a jewelry heist, she becomes separated from her mother for the first time in her young life in the family comedy film Joey & Ella.

This movie kicks off with two bumbling jewel thieves who lose the mysterious Mazinski Diamond. The jewel is pocketed by a baby circus kangaroo that escapes to a nearby barn and is found by Ella, a lonely teen who names the critter Joey. But the magical gem causes Joey to grow quickly and gain the power of speech! Soon the thieves, the cops, and Joey’s owners are all hunting for the mischievous roo along with the alien crystal.

Starring Jennifer Michele (Just My Luck with Sophia and Maya), Ashton Leigh (“Ambitions) and Britt Allen (L.I.F.E.), the G-rated adventure is directed by Stephen Shimek.

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