Film Review: Soulmates

STUDIO: Vertical Entertainment | DIRECTOR: Timothy Armstrong | CAST: Stephanie Lynn, Mark Famiglietti, Di Quon, Alice Barrett, Alexandra Case
RELEASE DATE: Nov. 12, 2021
SPECS: NR | 92 min. | Comedy

RATINGS (out of 5 dishes): Movie

A lightweight, formulaic comedy that’s likable and not overly ambitious,  Soulmates is set in picturesque Vermont where BFFs Jess (Stephanie Lynn, Far Rockaway) and Sam (Alexandra Case, My Best Friend’s Famous) live, spending time on Jess’s father farm, the main source of business of which is maple syrup.

Trouble rears its ugly head when a big company heads into the territory with plans to purchase area farms and put small enterprises out on the streets. The two girls join forces with local protestors, but things get even worse when Sam falls for Landon (Mark Famiglietti, Last Survivors), a handsome hotshot with a big maple company threatening to shut down her friend’s farm.

From there on, Soulmates’ plot offers some surprises along with a sweet deposition—at least, until the latter part of the film when some family secrets are revealed and Landon, the film’s main male protagonist, seen initially as a villain, wavers between good and lukewarm evil. There is also some contrived shenanigans involving a wedding and a pact between the two friends made long ago. Luckily, leading ladies Lynn and Case, who also wrote the script, bring some spunkiness to the proceedings.

Ultimately, Soulmates is a mixture of sweet and sour that Gen Z audiences may want to tap into for unassuming entertainment.

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