Blu-ray, Digital Release: Olga

Blu-ray Release Date: Aug. 30, 2022
Price: Blu-ray $19.99, Digital $6.99/$14.99
Studio: Kino Lorber

A talented young gymnast from Kyiv, played by real-life former Ukrainian national team member Anastasiia Budiashkina, moves to Switzerland to pursue her Olympic dreams in Elie Grappe’s award-winning 2021 drama Olga.

Set in 2014, the film follows 15-year-old Olga as she tries to make friends on her new team and adjust to life in her new home. As she relentlessly trains in preparation for the European Championships, her friends and family back in the Ukraine are taking to the streets in what would become known as the Maidan Revolution. Olga is left a powerless, distant bystander as her mother, an investigative journalist, faces danger and violence in her work challenging the brutal Yanukovich regime.

The historic events depicted in the film are intricately linked with the subsequent Russian invasion, providing insight into the current situation in the Ukraine, even as Grappe’s camera never strays from the point of view of a remarkable young woman struggling to find her way in the world.

Olga won the SACD Prize at Cannes Critics Week and truly features a helluva performance by its leading lady!

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