Blu-ray, DVD Release: Bullet Proof

Blu-ray Release Date: Sept. 27, 2022
Price: DVD $13.99, Blu-ray $17.08
Studio: Liongate

In the action-thriller Bullet Proof, Vinnie Jones (Gridlocked) plays Temple, a sadistic mob boss, in this gritty, white-knuckle action ride. After stealing millions in cash from Temple’s drug-dealing hideout, the Thief finds a stowaway in his getaway car – Temple’s pregnant wife, Mia! Desperate to reclaim his cash – and his unborn son – Temple sends out a squad of hit men and bounty hunters to bring in Mia and the Thief. Speed, cleverness, and good aim give the duo a brief advantage, but how long will their luck hold out?

This R-rated entry was directed by co-written by James C. Clayton!

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