New Release: Inception Briefcase DVD and Blu-ray

Inception movie sceneThe U.S. got its own Inception Briefcase special edition DVD and Blu-ray, a limited edition offering available exclusively at Warner Home Video‘s The gift set had been announced for the U.K. earlier.

The box include both the DVD and high-definition Blu-ray of the science-fiction movie, plus other goodies, in a metal briefcase measuring 9 x 6.5 x 2.75 inches.

The other goodies are:

  • full-color, 33-page “The Cobol Job” comic book
  • 10-page black-and-white PASIV instruction manual
  • color art cards
  • and a replica of the spinning totem Leonardo DiCaprio’s character uses in the movie.

Inception Briefcase DVD and Blu-ray boxThe briefcase set is priced at $49.95.

The PG-13 Inception, directed by Batman Begin‘s Christopher Nolan, grossed $291 million in theaters. In the film, DiCaprio (Titanic) stars as a man who can get into and manipulate people’s dreams for profit. An accident has kept him away from his home and children for years, and when he gets offered an assignment that could allow him to go home, he jumps on it. The problem is, it’s the most dangerous assignment he has ever done and it could cost him his life.

The cast also includes Ellen Page (Hard Candy), Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Uncertainty), Cillian Murphy (Peacock), Marion Cotillard (Nine) and Michael Caine (Batman Begins).

The regular DVD and Blu-ray were released on Dec. 7, 2010, with a boat-load of special features. Read our Blu-ray review.

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