New Release: Born to Ride DVD

On July 26, 2011, Image released the DVD of the motorcycle action-thriller film Born to Ride, featuring two stars of 1997’s Starship Troopers, Casper Van Dien ( Sleepy Hollow) and Patrick Muldoon (Last Will).

Van Dien and Muldoon star as buddies Mike and Alex, two motorcycle guys who take it to the road for a trip to the motorcycle gathering at Sturgis. The joy ride takes a turn for the dangerous when they get tangled up in a plot involving political blackmail, corruption and dirty money. And then the boys finds themselves carrying evidence that could get them killed at any minute…

Lots of motorcycle hijinks ensue in the biker road film, which co-stars a couple of other faces that were far more active in decades past, William Forsythe (Dear Mr. Gacy) and Theresa Russell (Insignificance). Oh, and for what’s it’s worth, Muldoon and Van Dien also teamed up in the 2010 TV movie Turbulent Skies, which arrives on DVD the same day as this one.

A DVD premiere movie, Born to Ride is helmed by James Fargo, a veteran TV and feature film director who counts among his credits episodes of television’s Hunter and Scarecrow and Mrs. King in the 1980s and two Clint Eastwood films from the 1970s, the Dirty Harry adventure The Enforcer and the two-fisted orangutan comedy Every Which Way But Loose. Prior to Born to Ride, Fargo’s last film was the little-known 1998 drama Second Chances.

No bonus features are on the DVD, which carries a list price of $27.97.

Here’s the trailer for the movie, which looks like, well, the kind of biker movie that would star Van Dien and Muldoon back in the 1990s….


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