Blu-ray, DVD Release: The Ides of March

Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Jan. 17, 2012
Price: DVD $30.99, Blu-ray $35.99
Studio: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment

The Ides of MarchGeorge Clooney (Confessions of a Dangerous Mind) added to the small group of film’s he has written and directed with The Ides of March.

Based on the play Farragut North, the political thriller stars Clooney as Governor Mike Morris, a wild card presidential candidate whose groundbreaking ideas could change the political landscape. When a brutal Ohio primary threatens to test Morris’ integrity, a down-and-dirty battle begins with idealistic campaign worker Stephen Meyers (Ryan Gosling, Drive) in the middle. Meyers gets caught in a scandal, and the only way to survive is to play both sides.

As well as Gosling and Clooney, the R-rated movie boasts Philip Seymour Hoffman (The Big Lebowski), Paul Giamatti (Win Win), Marisa Tomei (The Lincoln Lawyer) and Evan Rachel Wood (The Conspirator).

The Ides of March Blu-ray boxThe Ides of March was co-written by Grant Heslov, who also collaborated with Clooney on Good Night, Good Luck, and Beau Willimon, the writer of the play on which the film is based.

The movie grossed $39 million when it was in theaters, but the film scored with both critics and audiences.

Charlie McCollum, critic with the San Jose Mercury News, said The Ides of March “is intelligent filmmaking, and a provocative moral fable. It may not be perfect, but it stands as one of the better, most realistic movies about the way we elect our leaders.”

Sounds good to us.

Sony packed the Blu-ray with special features:

  • commentary with Clooney and Heslov
  • featurette “Developing the Campaign: The Origin of The Ides of March
  • featurette “Believe: George Clooney”
  • featurette “On the Campaign: The Cast of The Ides of March
  • and featurette “What Does a Political Consultant Do?”

The DVD includes just these extras:

  • commentary with Clooney and Heslov
  • featurette “Believe: George Clooney”
  • featurette “On the Campaign: The Cast of The Ides of March

Judging by the trailer, the movie’s a must-watch. Here it is:

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