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DVD Release Date: Oct. 2, 2012
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Studio: Universal Studios Home Entertainment

House, M.D.Hit medical drama House ran for a whopping eight seasons on Fox.

The television series, starring Hugh Laurie as the titular anti-social but brilliant doctor, was created by David Shore (TV’s Law & Order) and starred Omar Epps (Alfie), Robert Sean Leonard (Dead Poets Society) throughout its run. Jennifer Morrison (TV’s Once Upon a Time), Olivia Wilde (The Change-Up), Kal Penn (A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas), David Morse (Drive Angry) and Amber Tamblyn (127 Hours) were also in the cast over the TV’s show’s years.

House has been available on DVD in individual DVD sets for a while. Season 7 and season 8 were released in August 2011 and August 2012, respectively.

The House: The Complete Series set contains all 176 episodes plus more than 16 hours of bonus features and a 24-page collector’s booklet about the show’s origins, House-isms, rare campaign art and more. Here’s the extras list:

Season 1:

  • “The Concept” discussion on the idea behind the show and the creation of Dr. Gregory House
  • “Casting Session With Hugh Laurie
  • “Medical Cases” look into finding and portraying the strange medical stories realistically on the show
  • Set tour of House with series stars Jennifer Morrison and Lisa Edelstein
  • “House-isms” with some of House’s best lines and the cast discussing House’s talent for “telling it like it is”
  • “Dr. House” reflections on the contradictions that make House such a compelling character

Season 2:

  • Blooper reel
  • “Alternate Take From “Daddy’s Boy”: The Valley Girl Version” with Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) and Jennifer Morrison (Cameron) performing two scenes as if they were, like, valley girls
  • “Alternate Take From “Sleeping Dogs Lie”: The Angry Valley Girl Version”
  • “It Could be Lupus…” montage of clips highlighting the shows oft-repeated diagnosis
  • “An Eveneing With House” with the cast and executive producers of House participating in a panel discussion at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
  • “Autopsy” commentary with executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs
  • “No Reason” commentary with executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs

Season 3:

  • “Alternate Take From “Cane and Able”: The Angry Valley Girl Version”
  • “Half-Wit” commentary with creator/executive producer David Shore and executive producer/director Katie Jacobs
  • Blooper reel
  • “The Making of “THE JERK”: Anatomy of an Episode” inside look at the making of episode 23
  • “Soundtrack Session: Hugh Laurie and the Band From TV” with Hugh Laurie and the rest of The Band From TV as they record the smokey song “Minnie the Moocher” for the show’s soundtrack
  • “Open House: The Production Office” with executive producer Katie Jacobs giving viewers a tour of the production office
  • “Blood, Needles, and Body Parts: The House Prop Department”  inside look at the property department

Season 4:

  • Gag reel
  • Season 5 sneak peek with excerpts from the fictitious soap
  • “New Beginnings” with on-set footage and interviews with the cast and producers of House, examining the behind-the scenes story of how a group of new actors came to join the ensemble; how the established cast came to discover their new roles; and what new material has opened up for the story by the infusion of new faces
  • “Meet the Writer” with the writers sitting down to share their insights into their creative process and success
  • “The Visual Eeffects of House” from concept and design to completion
  • “Anatomy of a Crash”
  • “”My Favorite Season 4 Episode” with the cast of House explaining what episodes are their favorite and why
  • Episode commentaries with the cast and crew

Season 5:

  • “House Meets a Milestone: The 100th Episode” with executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs talking about the landmark for House and their hopes for the future of the show
  • “Keeping it Real: The Writers and Medical Consultants” with David Foster talking about how they keep the scripts and sequences actual and factual
  • “Dr. Mom: Cuddy’s Storyline” featurette with Lisa Edelstein talking about the Adoption/Becoming a Mother storyline written for her character and about how she thinks that being a mom affects her character and her relationship with House
  • “Anatomy of a Teaser” exploring the weekly teaser – its purpose and development – that opens each new episode
  • “Visitors to the House: Casting Guest Stars” about the weekly casting process, the importance of securing the right guest actor for the right role, any specific challenges encountered, and how it feels when a guest star knocks his/her performance out of the park
  • Episode commentaries with the cast and crew

Season 6:

  • “Before Broken: An Exclusive Original Short” starring Hugh Laurie and shot on location with no script and no plan, showing House’s emotional journey at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital from an up close and intimate perspective as originally envisioned by director/executive producer Katie Jacobs
  • “A Different POV: Hugh Laurie Directs” about Hugh Laurie doing double duty as Dr. House and director ofthe episode “Lockdown”
  • “New Faces in a New House” discussion about the challenges and opportunities that are presented when a show must hire more than 30 new actors to perform pivotal roles in an important episode
  • “A New House for House” in-depth feature highlighting the Mayfield hospital set from the two-hour season premiere episode, “Broken”
  • “Broken” commentary with director/executive producer Katie Jacobs, writer/executive producer Russel Friend and writer/executive producer Garrett Lerner
  • “5-To-9” commentary with series star Lisa Edelstein and writer/executive producer Thomas L. Moran
  • “Wilson” commentary with Robert Sean Leonard and writer/supervising producer David Foster, M.D.

Season 7:

  • “Meet Martha Masters” with Amber Tamblyn, executive producer Katie Jacobs, writer and executive producer David Shore and casting executives discussing Tamblyn’s character
  • “Huddy Dissected” with Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, executive producer Katie Jacobs and writer and executive producer David Shore discussing the longtime love-hate relationship between House and Cuddy
  • “Aanatomy of an Episode: “Bombshells” documentary-style featurette about the collaboration between the cast and crew that allowed House to pull off the musical episode “Bombshells”
  • “Thirteen Returns” with Olivia Wilde returning as Dr. Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley
  • “Bombshells” commentary with director Greg Yaitanes and Lisa Edelstein
  • “The Dig” commentary with writers Sara Hess and David Hoselton
  • “Moving On” commentary with executive producer David Shore and director Greg Yaitanes

Season 8:

  • House, M.D. Swan Song” retrospective with the cast and crew
  • “The Doctor Directs: Behind the Scenes With Hugh Laurie,” showcasing the challenges faced bythe cast and crew, as well as the creativity that inspired the award-winning team
  • “Everybody Dies: A Postmortem” with the cast and crew discussing the significance of the finale and reflecting on the end of the series.


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