New Release: Kandahar Break DVD

Independent film Kandahar Break, the movie directorial debut by David Whitney, premiered on DVD on Sept. 21, 2010, following a successful film festival run. The Peach Arch Entertainment thriller carries a suggested retail price of $24.98.

The movie centers around a team of British mine clearance engineers, working for the Taliban government in the scorching deserts of Southern Afghanistan, clearing the vast minefields after decades of conflict. Amidst the Draconian laws governing men and women of the regime, one of the team, Richard Lee (Shaun Dooley, the Red Riding trilogy), an ex-British Army bomb disposal expert, falls foul of corrupt local chief Ashiq Khan, who then instigates a manhunt to find and kill the infidel.

Now embroiled in a game of intrigue and betrayal, Richard must excape on foot across the border into nearby Pakistan. During his journey, he is ambushed by a force of rebel guerillas, enemies of the fanatical government, who agree to help him flee the vengeful Taliban.

Independent films usually have a couple of wild behind-the-scenes production stories, and Kandahar Break is certainly no exception. While shooting the political thriller in late 2008, fiction turned into reality as the cast and crew found themselves under attack by members of the Taliban near the Afghan border. Four Pakistani crew members were shot and wounded, which led to the immediate evacuation of the crew. After waiting six months to plan and refinance the last bit of filming, the original cast and crew flew to Tunisia to complete the film.

Special features on the DVD include behind-the-scenes footage and an interview with the director.


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