Blu-ray Release: Comes a Horseman

Blu-ray Release Date: Jan. 17, 2017
Price: Blu-ray $22.95
Studio: Twilight Time

Set in the American West of the 1940s, director Alan J. Pakula’s 1978 Western Comes a Horseman gives us a pair of little-guy ranchers (Barbarella‘s Jane Fonda and Rollerball‘s James Caan) who join forces against the depredations of a ruthless land baron (Jason Robards, Julia) determined to expand his empire at whatever cost.
comes-a-horseman1_optShot by the incomparable Gordon Willis (Stardust Memories), with music by the great Michael Small (The Driver), and featuring an indelible Oscar-nominated performance from longtime stuntman Richard Farnsworth.
As supplier Twilight Time prints up only 3,000 copies of each title, be sure to head over to the Twilight Time site or that of distributor Screen Archives tomorrow, Jan. 4, so you can put in your prebook order!
Twilight Time has announced that in the case of the transfer of this film, there’s an unusually high (for a TT release) level of “speckling” and general debris that mars the work of cinematographer Willis. That said, the Blu-ray will carry the reduced list price of $22.95.

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