Blu-ray, 3D, DVD Release: Monsters University

Digital Release Date: Oct. 8, 2013, Blu-ray & DVD Release Date: Oct. 29, 2013
Price: DVD $29.99, Blu-ray $45.99, Blu-ray 3D $49.99
Studio: Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment/Pixar

Monsters UniversityDisney/Pixar’s well-reviewed Monsters University is a prequel of sorts of Monsters Inc.

Monsters Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal, Cars) and James P. Sullivan “Sulley” (John Goodman, Flight) are back in this animated movie, but they’re younger and in the elite Scare Program, learning the best ways to scare.

For Mike, it’s a dream come true. All the best scarers come from MU. But when he meets natural-born scarer Sulley, Mike’s dream is derailed. Their competitive spirits get both young monsters kicked out of the program and the only way to make things right is to work together.

The voice cast also includes Steve Buscemi (TV’s Boardwalk Empire), Helen Mirren (Hitchcock), Alfred Molina (The Sorcerer’s Apprentice), Sean P. Hayes (The Three Stooges), Dave Foley (Suck) and Nathan Fillion (Much Ado About Nothing), and the G-rated family film features a score by award-winning composer Randy Newman (Toy Story 3).

Monsters University Blu-ray boxComedy Monsters University continues the trend of Pixar movies getting good reviews, receiving 78% approval from critics and 85% from moviegoers, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

The DVD contains these extras:

  • audio commentary
  • short film “The Blue Umbrella,” about a rainy evening commute during which two umbrellas fall in love

The Blu-ray combos offer those plus these special features:

  • “Campus Life,” a day in the life of the Monsters University crew
  • “Story School” documentary about the challenges of creating a prequel and the millions of ideas that didn’t make it into the final film
  • “Scare Games,” with the Pixar staff going head to head in scare competitions
  • “Welcome to MU” about the development of the set designs
  • “Music Appreciation,” a look at the music and creative process of Randy Newman
  • “Scare Tactics,” about the Pixar animators channeling their inner monsters
  • “Color and Light,” about the process of getting a naturalized feel for the film
  • “Paths to Pixar – MU Edition” with Pixar staffers explaining how they came to work there
  • “Furry Monsters: A Technical Restrospective,” exploring the difficulties of making characters look 20 years with tools that are 10 years more advanced
  • deleted scenes
  • promo picks
  • art gallery.

The standard-definition and high-definition digital versions of Monsters University will come with some of these extras, depending on the retailer.

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